Pap Smears

Annual Pap Smears and 3-MONTH SUPPLY of Birth Control
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When a woman reaches 18 or becomes sexually active, whichever comes first, she should have a complete examination every year. Pap smears are done as part of the Annual Visit. At A Woman’s Choice, medical and reproductive history is taken and your weight, height and blood pressure will be recorded.

You will be asked for any family history of illnesses, your present health status and habits, details of your menstrual cycle, your sexual history, your history of surgeries, pregnancies, and methods of contraception. This information is needed to determine your health needs.

We will discuss contraception choices with you, and instruct you on the use and method of your choice. After your exam, you will receive a FREE 3-month supply of the contraception method you choose: The pill, continuous pills, the NuvaRing or Ortho Evra Patch, which are included in the fee you pay for your Annual Visit.

Pap Smears
The primary purpose of an annual Pap smear is to detect abnormal and potentially pre-cancerous or cancerous cervical cells. Cells are obtained from a woman’s cervix at the time of a pelvic exam and sent to a lab for evaluation.

A Woman’s Choice recommends an annual Pap smear. According to the American Cancer Society, cervical cancer was once the most common cause of cancer death among American women. Between 1955 and 1992, the number of cervical cancer deaths in the U.S. dropped by 74% thanks to the increased use of the annual Pap test.

Cervical cancer affects women mostly over 20 years of age and occurs most often in Hispanic women. In fact, the rate for Hispanic women is twice that of non-Hispanic white women. African-American women develop this cancer about 50% more often than non-Hispanic white women. For more information, visit

When abnormal cells are found, other diagnostic procedures and treatments may be performed.

A colposcopy is a special diagnostic procedure that is performed in our office should you receive abnormal Pap smear results. After a consultation with a member of our healthcare team about your abnormal Pap smear ($50), you may be scheduled for a colposcopy the same day, if you prefer. It is a painless procedure performed in our office.

Our Physicians have special expertise in colposcopies and will carefully examine the cervix, vagina and vulva with a colposcopy, which is similar to a microscope that magnifies the cervix. Through careful examination, abnormal areas are identified. Following the colposcopy, the physician will recommend further treatment or follow-up care. Such care may include an electrosurgical procedure, cryosurgery or repeat Pap smears.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)
A Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure, or LEEP, is a special surgical procedure used for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells). This procedure can effectively cure abnormal areas on the cervix by surgically removing all of the abnormal cells.

Before a LEEP, a colposcopy must be performed to rule out extensive cancer and to determine the extent of the abnormal area on the cervix. This procedure can be done in our office under local anesthesia while you are awake, or if you prefer, under conscious sedation. It can also be done in an outpatient surgical facility under general anesthesia when you are totally asleep.

Patients should return to our office two weeks after the LEEP to discuss the results of the LEEP pathology report. Patients should have a follow-up Colposcopy and Pap smear 4 months after the LEEP, after which they should have Pap smears every 6 months until 3 consecutive Pap smears are normal or for a minimum of two years.

Cervical Cryosurgery is a gynecological treatment that freezes a section of the cervix. The process is intended to destroy cells that show changes that may lead to cancer of the cervix.

Cryosurgery is done after a colposcopy confirms the presence of abnormal cervical cells. Cryosurgery is also used for the treatment of Cervicitis, or inflammation of the cervix. This procedure can be done in our office under local anesthesia while you are awake or under conscious sedation. For follow-up care, patients are asked to return to our office two weeks after the cryosurgery. 4 months later, a follow-up colposcopy and Pap smear are done. Patients should have a follow-up Pap smear every 6 months until 3 consecutive smears are normal or for a minimum of 2 years after the cryosurgery.

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